Poll: No partisan divide over Boston marathon investigation

“I live in a city and a state and a country where I support my elected representatives. If at some point that weren’t the case, and I didn’t support my mayor or my city councilwoman or my congresswoman or either of my senators – and I’m lucky to live in a state where I have lots of women representing me, you know – maybe then I’d have to ask and answer the question for myself, and come to a different answer,” Clinton said in an interview with Fast Company magazine.

With such gibberish coming out of her mouth, she expects to get elected? NAFC = Not A Fat Chance

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Washington (CNN) — It’s rare to find an issue on which Democrats and Republicans agree, but according to a new national poll, they see eye-to-eye on how the Boston Marathon bombing investigation was handled.

An ABC News/Washington Post survey indicates that two-thirds of Americans approve of how the federal government investigated the bombings. The poll’s Tuesday release comes on the first anniversary of the attacks near the finish line of the marathon, which killed three people and injured at least 264.

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